Anki 2.0

Hurray for a new version (2.0) of Anki! If you are going about haphazardly learning a Portuguese word here, a phrase there, I cannot emphasize the power of getting it all organized, putting it into Anki, and letting the software do the work of scheduling your reviews for you. Anki is awesome for busy people. By scheduling a 5 minute review every day, which you can do on your computer/phone/tablet, you will spend less time per day studying and retain more of what you learn in long-term memory. This is truly the way to learn vocabulary, folks. Short study sessions every day >> long study sessions every now and then.

To celebrate, here are a few decks of intermediate/advanced words that I created 2 years ago. They’re in no particular order, just words that I happened to be studying at the time. I usually recommend that you create your own decks of words that are meaningful to you. I have a page that gives some tips on creating effective decks. But if you simply want to give Anki a try or learn a couple hundred new verbs, have at it!

Here’s a video showing how Anki works. This guy’s approach to building an Anki deck from films is really excellent:

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