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Guide to Spanish for Portuguese speakers

Here’s something a bit unusual. Elsewhere on Hacking Portuguese I’ve pointed readers to resources for Spanish speakers wanting to learn Portuguese, but for those strange folks going in the opposite direction (like me), I recently stumbled across Guia do espanhol … Continue reading

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BRIC Language Program

As you may have noticed, I’ve been incommunicado for the past few months. The reason is that I started a graduate program in environmental science and that’s been taking up a huge chunk of my time. But it’s also given … Continue reading

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Coming soon: a new Hacking Portuguese

May was a big month for Hacking Portuguese as we hit 10,000 monthly visitors for the first time. That’s not very many as the webby world goes, but it’s a long way from where we started in November 2011. What … Continue reading

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the impasse: moving from B2 to C1

I’m back in LA for the summer and looking for some Portuguese speaking opportunities. While I did quite a bit of writing and conversation this spring, I feel like I’ve plateaued again. Looking at the CEFR scale of language aptitude, … Continue reading

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You are the product: A critical look at Duolingo

Another day, another person trying to solve (and monetize) the online language learning conundrum. This time it’s Luis von Ahn, MacArthur Grant winner and ReCAPTCHA founder, who has been all over the Internet talking about his latest project Duolingo. Luis, … Continue reading

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