Web roundup: New portuguese resources

Novo Telecurso, dozens of 15-min lessons, completely in Portuguese, with subtitles, on a bunch of different topics from geography to history to science. They seem to be aimed at high school students, so the language is native speed but otherwise straightforward. Excellent listening practice!

Aulete, a Portuguese-Portuguese dictionary (h/t StreetSmart Brazil) with a nice looking iPhone app that includes a thesaurus. (for online Portuguese-English dictionaries, I use Infopédia online and Ultralingua on my iPhone. For online verb conjugations, I use Conjuga-me).

Words of Connection features a zillion little phrases to make your conversation flow smoother.

There is an effort underway to start a Portuguese language StackExchange site. StackExchange is a platform where people submit questions, others submit answers, and the best answers get voted up. I’ve used other StackExchange sites and have found them to be far more pleasant and useful than traditional Q&A messageboards. When there is a large enough user base, the quality of the answers is excellent. The Portuguese site is still in beta and needs a few more people to submit questions before it can move on to the next stage.

Memrise, a language learning platform based on spaced repetition. The quality of the lessons varies a lot, but it seems like a good way to learn some basic portuguese vocabulary.

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