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  1. olivier ruzindana says:

    I need português for commication.
    Thank you for help

  2. Jody Moore says:

    I’ve just discovered you for the first time and feel as though I’ve hit the mother lode! My husband and I (76 and 73, respectively) have just moved to Piracicaba, S.P., for two years while he works as a science consultant for the Brazilian sugarcane industry. He needs to learn Brazilian Portuguese, but at least has the advantage that, because much of science is conducted in English, most of his colleagues speak English. I, on the other hand, am thrust squarely into the need to speak the language NOW! It’s exhilarating and downright scary! I think your blog will be helpful both for language learning and for keeping me from getting too dispirited.

    On to the reason I’m writing right now: I agree completely that the Portuguese R is, at a minimum, enigmatic, and your short version is an enormous help. But I also find the nasalized vowel sounds to be equally challenging. If you have any words of wisdom to offer on how to produce them or suggestions on where to go for pronunciation guidance on the vowels in particular, they would be most appreciated. (We are working our way through the first 30 lessons from Pimsleur which help a lot, but being visual people, we really miss seeing the words as we hear how they sound–especially those pesky vowels.)

    Thanks for your blog. I have become a regular since I first signed on about 30 minutes ago!

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