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BrazilPod launches Língua da Gente, new series for beginners

We are very lucky to be living in a golden age where high quality portuguese instruction is now abundant on the web. When I started learning Portuguese just 5 years ago, it wasn’t so great. One of the few good … Continue reading

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the impasse: moving from B2 to C1

I’m back in LA for the summer and looking for some Portuguese speaking opportunities. While I did quite a bit of writing and conversation this spring, I feel like I’ve plateaued again. Looking at the CEFR scale of language aptitude, … Continue reading

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Language teaching: why being a native speaker isn’t enough

It’s a popular thing for us Americans to do nowadays: live abroad for a year, or two, or five. Where do you want to go exactly? I dunno…someplace exotic… South Korea, maybe, or Cambodia, or Peru, or Brazil. Now the … Continue reading

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