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Web roundup: New portuguese resources

Novo Telecurso, dozens of 15-min lessons, completely in Portuguese, with subtitles, on a bunch of different topics from geography to history to science. They seem to be aimed at high school students, so the language is native speed but otherwise … Continue reading

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Semántica’s new Intensivo course is the next best thing to being in Rio

This is James. He lives in Brazil and makes awesome videos for portuguese learners like me. You should be jealous of James, because he gets to live in Rio and follow brazilians around the city with a camera for a … Continue reading

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Português com Humor

Need some new material for listening practice? Português com Humor is a delightful new postcast+blog that advanced students might enjoy, though it isn’t designed specifically for PLE (português como língua estrangeira) learners. It’s an interesting look into the sort of … Continue reading

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I just discovered the app, which lets you watch snippets of Brazilian tv programs on your iPhone. Being the sinister media empire that they are, there are dozens of programs available: cooking shows, telenovelas, documentarios, sports clips. It’s a … Continue reading

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