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Anki 2.0

Hurray for a new version (2.0) of Anki! If you are going about haphazardly learning a Portuguese word here, a phrase there, I cannot emphasize the power of getting it all organized, putting it into Anki, and letting the software … Continue reading

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WordReference: when you need expert advice

WordReference is a site that I’ve taken for granted so much that I never even thought to write about it until now. Whenever I have a question about Portuguese that no one else seems able to answer, I go here. … Continue reading

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Through the looking glass: the deep grammar of everyday Portuguese

Being here in Bahía, working as part of a large team, has made me realize how much of my past language study was really a solitary endeavor, cut off from the living language. At home, I feel starved of exposure … Continue reading

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The four things you need to learn a language reports on some new efforts to incorporate technology and cognitive neuroscience into language instruction. According to Michael Geisler, vice-president of one of the best language immersion colleges in the US: You need four things to learn a language. First, … Continue reading

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What’s your learning regimen?

A question for students of Portuguese: What’s your personal study regimen? Are you using a particular textbook, taking a university class, seeing a private tutor, finding videos on youtube, listening to a podcast, working through Pimsleur or Rosetta Stone? Have … Continue reading

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