Habla portuñol? Fala portunhol?

Santana do Livramento, on the Brazil-Uruguay border

The international city of Santana do Livramento, on the Brazil-Uruguay border, where a form of portunhol called fronteiriço is spoken

A recent comment from a speaker of Spanish, Italian and French (wow!) who wants to learn Portuguese inspired me to add a new page just for Spanish speakers, where I share some specialized resources and tips for those coming to Portuguese by way of its close cousin.

Portunhol (or portuñol) is a hybrid of Portuguese and Spanish, kind of like Spanglish or Franglish. It can be a regional phenomenon, like the mixture of gaúcho Portuguese and Rioplatense Spanish spoken along Brazil’s southern border with Uruguay. It can also imply intentional code-switching among people who are are fluent in both languages. Or it can just happen by accident because someone who is learning Portuguese substitutes Spanish words and grammar, or vice versa. In any case, check out the new page and please share your stories of learning Portuguese by way of Spanish!

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