StreetSmart Brazil has a new website

…and it’s beautiful! ssbYou should go take a look.


If I had to recommend just one resource for someone who wants to get serious about learning Portuguese, it’s these folks.

I started taking Skype lessons with Luciana, the founder, in 2010. I was a pretty independent and self-motivated learner and I did a lot of other study besides StreetSmart. Even so, having a real teacher to spend an hour with every week was crucial because it got me comfortable having conversations, which I never could have done by myself. Thanks to SSB, I never experienced the fear of conversations that a lot of people report. In fact whenever I encounter Brazilians I use any excuse to talk to them and often have a hard time shutting up :)

I’ve had several teachers with SSB over the years. All have been professional, fun, and wonderful to work with. Luciana started me out and got my pronunciation on point, rapidly building up my grammar and vocabulary. Larissa Garcia, who has since moved on to doing other things, was particularly great. She prepped me for my trip to Rio, role playing different situations that I might encounter, and I never felt like she dumbed down the language for me — she taught me ways of speaking that were warm, natural and colloquial. She also tailored each lesson for me, finding Portuguese articles on environmental issues in Brazil. And knowing that I liked music, she introduced me to Caetano Veloso, Seu Jorge, and Chico Buarque through their lyrics, which has had a lasting impact on my love for Brazilian culture.

After a certain point, I became less interested in lessons and just wanted someone to talk to regularly to keep my skills up. The small group classes with Daniela Ávila were perfect for that.

Finally, I’ve really been enjoying SSB’s facebook feed of late and it’s one way I keep my skills sharp, by making sure I encounter a little Portuguese every day.

In short, if you’re looking for flexible, personalized lessons with real brasilidade, StreetSmart Brazil is as good as it gets.

Luciana has been kind enough to continue her offer for Hacking Portuguese readers: Use the coupon code 10%offssbshcrtsts when you purchase your first subscription as a new student, and you’ll get a 10% discount.

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  1. Lorenzo says:

    This made me think of another site I have found that is somewhat similar: Only Carla does Portuguese from Portugal. That would be an alternative for people wanting to go the European route.

  2. Do you have other blogs that we can see

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